"The Lowells said they'd take care of him. That's all I know. I guess Hawthorne was more informed, but-" "He's gone" the voice interrupts Adrian, "He was meant to be the Keeper's guide". "So that's why they killed him?" Adrian asks, frowning. "Yes... and no". Adrian notices something moving behind his back and suddenly turns to look at it: it's a floating mirror. "You just love riddles so much, mh?" "I'm careful" says the voice "others could be listening". "So you're not going to tell me who the Keeper is?" "No." Adrian rolls his eyes and rubs his neck: "...Awesome" he comments, sarcastically. But the voice isn't finished yet: "I will do better" it says, as green flames appear in the mirror, surprising Adrian, "I will show you".
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