The cemetery. A figure dressed in black walks among the tombstones. He stops, then turns to look around: it's the vampire we already met at Arthur Hawthorne's place. He seems confused, as if he's looking for something... or someone. The research doesn't last long, however: a voice coming from a crypt startles him: "You're late". He looks at the direction where the voice came from: A dark skinned man leans against one of the colums of the crypt. He's also dressed in black, and a roman collar can be seen around his neck: a priest. "Oh, there you are!" says the vampire, "I'm sorry, I had some... difficulties". "The hunter?" asks the priest. The vampire looks worried: "You saw him? I-is he still around?" "He left several minutes ago, don't worry", the priest reassures him. He looks at the vampire, a concerned expression on his face: "I'm guessing that trick with the tires was your doing?"
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