A view on the corpses of Arthur Hawthorne and Kane the Shapeshifter on the floor. Two characters stand near them, but we can't see their faces yet. "Two more deaths. This is getting out of hand" says the first one. "Admitting it is the first step" comments the second one. "Don't use that tone with me, Webster. You know whose fault this is" the first one snaps. We can see a little more of them, now: a man and a woman. The man, called Adrian Webster, is putting on a pair of gloves, while the woman -Aaliyah Jenkins- has her arms crossed. "Is that supposed to comfort me? Because it doesn't" the man replies back, annoyed. The last panel finally shows the faces of the two. The woman appears sad, as she goes for a gentler approach: "No, I guess not. Listen, I know things haven't been as good since you-" but the man cuts her off "Please, spare me. Let's focus on the crime scene, shall we?"

Content warning: blood, death. Click on the page to see it.