And after what feels like a century or two… have another webcomic recommendation! ^_^

Blood of the Taken by Sian Mandrake

Summary (copy-pasted from the site): Theo is a 500 year old Vampire who wants nothing more than to replace her lost brood. After all, a home is nothing without a family. As Theo stalks a small town in Western Massachusetts she becomes obsessed with a man named Liam and his best friend, Ed. With a Mole Cricket companion and driving a 1950’s VW Beetle, Theo is the sweet little old grandma that Nosferatu never had.

Warnings: blood, gore, cursing, profanity, abuse, physical & psychical violence, mental health topics. 


Why I love it: see, when I rant about how Tapas is full of hidden gems and downright professional works that get constantly ignored, THIS is exactly the kind of work I’m talking about. Blood of the Taken is a beautifully drawn comic, with incredible dark and gritty atmospheres, great character designs, a compelling story and a wonderful female lead that has absolutely nothing to do with your typical “sexy vampire” that you often find in horror stories. Theo is definitely -not- a sexy girl, she’s more of a modern age Nosferatu with her pointy teeth, bald head, ghost-white skin and some rather… interesting fashion choices :’D the kind of stuff she does is truly awful, but her wit and overall personality never fail to crack me up and I can definitely tell that she cares about her new family… even though her “children” may not quite agree with it XD seriously, the overall quality of the whole work is amazing and totally feels like something you’d find in a comic shop. If you’re not scared of some blood/gore (which definitely marks it as a horror comic, but not downright splatter, at least so far), I totally recommend giving it a go 😀

Recommended if you like: dark and gritty atmospheres, dark humor, great character design, professional quality artwork and storytelling.