Soooo… here’s a little something I originally started to do for my Dreamwidth: webcomic recommendations! 😀 Ever since I started to work on my own comic, I slowly started to get more and more involved with the online comic community, got to read plenty of stories and… found a bunch of hidden gems ^_^ and since, as a creator myself, I know how freaking hard it is to get more eyes on your comics, I figured it might be a good idea to be the change I wanted to see and start recommending some of my favorite stories. 

  • Note #1: I won’t be posting these on a regular schedule (I tried on DW, failed miserably after week #2), so expect them to pop up at random :’D 
  • Note #2:my main genres of interest are supernatural, dark fantasy and horror, so a lot of the stuff I’m going to recommend will obviously fall into those categories. Content warnings will be listed in the recommendation posts themselves, together with a summary (taken from the original author’s site/page). If you’d rather not see these recommendations altogether, feel free to block the tag L*lyrel recommends (without the asterisk).

And now that the warnings are over, let me tell you about… 

Krazy Noodle Massacre by Lutzbug 

Summary (copy-pasted from the site): Rhodes and Dempsey are a young married couple who are just getting started in life. They’d like to move forward with their own careers and goals, but they keep getting distracted by everything from cutesy video games to tasteless late-night shows about serial killers. Late one night, Dempsey comes home with a wild story about running into a jittery man at the grocery store who buys almost nothing but a generic macaroni product called “Krazy Noodles.” Much to Rhodes’ hesitation, Dempsey comes up with a plan to go spying on him the following week so that Rhodes can see him for himself. They might think they’re just going on a funny little adventure, but neither of them have any clue how much trouble they’re about to cause—not only for themselves, but the guy they want to stare at.

Warnings: violence, cartoon blood, body horror, mild innuendo (no graphic sexuality or full frontal nudity, possibly some bare butts), language, mental illness, paranoia, trauma, emotional abuse, anxiety.

Link: Krazy Noodle Massacre (ComicFury)

Why I love it: Even before I got to read the comic, I was already intrigued by the art style and the characters. Full disclosure: I’m not usually into anthro stuff, but Lutzbug’s style ain’t exactly your typical anthro style, and I absolutely love it. The characters are super expressive and the colors and lighting are gorgeous. Plus, long haired alternative dudes? Yes, please, count me in. And those backgrounds, omg. Not a whole lot of webcomics have very detailed backgrounds (my own included, lol), but those in Krazy Noodle Massacre are absolutely top quality. Lots of tiny little details that make you want to spend ages looking at each panel and beautifully done perspectives that are just perfect to convey the mood of each scene. And the story? Oh, my. The comic currently counts about 60 pages (plus some extras) and let me tell you, I’m already in love with these dudes. Everything, from their dialogues to their reactions feels just so damn real. If you’ve ever struggled with anxiety like yours truly, you may definitely find yourself in Gideon’s paranoid flashbacks. And if you’re a gamer, the very first scene at the beginning of the comic is just so damn relatable I can’t even :’D seriously, I love these dudes and I’m SO looking forward to see more of their adventures, lol <3

Recommended if you like: well developed characters, alternative & retro aesthetics, videogames & other nerdy stuff, long haired dudes, stories that deal with darker themes such as anxiety, abuse and mental illness.