Aaaand… we’re back! 😀
Today I bring you another webcomic recommendation:

The Calamitous Misadventures of Osker by KGhast

Summary (copy-pasted from the site):In his quiet, solitary life, the most exciting thing Osker does day to day is forage for mushrooms outside his secluded village. When he encounters an unlikely visitor and meets the very eccentric shaman, Ryka, he is thrown into a world of calamity, misadventure, and chaos. CMAO is a sci-fi/fantasy and action-adventure story of a futuristic Earth that was ravaged by a cataclysm, and the strange life forms that prospered after.

Warnings: violence, blood, body horror

Link:The Calamitous Misadventures of Osker (Tapas)

Why I love it: I discovered The Calamitous Misadventures of Osker on a read for read thread over at the Tapas forums and instantly fell in love with it! 😀 The comic takes you right into action from the very first pages, and although it later turns out that what we’re seeing is not exactly what is seems, it does an amazing job at establishing the key points of the series, the first one being… don’t take anything for granted 😀 what looks like your typical epic battle against an evil monster in your typical high fantasy setting quickly takes an  unexpected turn as soon as we get to meet the hero of our story. I’m not gonna spoil you anything, but let me tell you: Osker is NOT your typical sci-fi/fantasy hero and I absolutely LOVE him for that. The character design in this series is absolutely amazing: everyone has a distinctive look that makes them instantly recognizable and super expressive… including those who don’t even HAVE a face. That’s just one of the many things that make CMAO an absolute treat to read. The humor is great, the story is intriguing, the characters are compelling… seriously, why this comic doesn’t have hundreds of subscribers already is still a mystery to me. So please, go give it a read 😀

Recommended if you like: sci-fi/fantasy stories that don’t take themselves too seriously, gorgeous sceneries, subverted expectations and great character design.